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Cosmetic Surgery for animals banned in Canada

In Quebec, veterinarians will no longer be allowed to dock or cut the tails of dogs, cattle and horses for cosmetic reasons.

Canada has recently such practices as ear cropping and tail docking of dogs, horses, and cattle, in seven provinces across the country. Although these practices are prohibited in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta are still permitted.

Now, the British Columbia Veterinary College voted to ban amputation of the tail of dogs and horses for cosmetic purposes.
According to the professional association more than 91% of the veterinarians voted against this practice.

The College adds that there is no scientific evidence to support the argument that amputation is good for the welfare of these animals. Rather, it can cause them harm and cause ghosts or infections.

Cutting the ears of dogs for cosmetic reasons is already prohibited in the province of British Columbia.

Veterinarians who continue to perform ablations will face sanctions, warns the veterinary college in that province. The Quebec order of veterinarians says docking tails and cropping ears can cause infections and chronic pain.

Quoted by the CBC, Dr. Karen Joy Goldenberg, a veterinarian at the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital said, “Tail docking is actually an amputation. You’re cutting off multiple vertebrae with all of the nerves and tissue around it. Same idea for the ears. Cropping the ears, you’re basically cutting half of the ear off with its cartilage, just to give the ear a specific shape”. “Canadians should realize that cosmetic surgery on animals causes unnecessary pain” stated our main source.

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Men and Women – Plastic Surgery Numbers Compared

It has been said that every year more men opt for plastic surgery, although this might be somewhat true. The percentages between both genders are still high on the side of the ladies.

Comparing Surgical Procedures

Women still represent 85.5% of the share of plastic surgery procedures (like breast augmentation, liposuction and butt augmentation). 14.5% of the procedures are performed on male patients. This means out of 20 patients – 17 are women, while only 3 are men.

Liposuction in men – roughly 13% of the patients are men, while the other 87% are women. The only procedure where there is not such a noticeable difference is “Ear Surgery” – 4 of 10 patients are men, while 6 are women.

The procedures where men dominate are only a few and of course closer related to the gender. Hair transplantation is much more of a male procedure – 80% of the patients are men. This is the only non-gender specific plastic procedure where men dominate.

Comparing Non-Surgical Procedures

Women are the most common target patients for non-surgical procedures like Botox, Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion & Hair Removals. The ratio remains the same 87% of the procedures are performed on female patients – while only 13% are male patients.



Top plastic surgery procedures by country


There is no single dominating plastic procedure – in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and France the most popular procedure is Liposuction. 87% of the Liposuction surgeries are performed on female patients – men still represent a small part of the Liposuction share.

In Germany and in the US the most performed procedure is “breast augmentation”.

Eyelid and Nose surgeries dominate in Japan and South Korea. These seem to be two most popular procedures in both Asian countries.

In Japan and South Korea, Face and Head procedures dominate totally – with about 77% of the procedures in each country. While in the rest of the world 3 of every 10 procedures is a breast surgery, in Japan and South Korea – only 3 of every 20 procedures is related to breasts.


Surgical Procedure Group Ranking by Country



Eyelid and Nose Surgeries dominate in Japan and South Korea

The dominating plastic procedure in Japan and South Korea is the eyelid surgery. In Japan eyelid surgery actually counts for 43% of the total plastic interventions, while In South Korea Eyelid surgeries represent only 25% of the procedures. The #2 procedure in both countries is the Nosesurery (Rhinoplasty), while in Japan it accounts for 12% of the cosmetic interventions in South Korea it is almost twice that number (24%).


When Japan and the USA are compared – (USA 321 million – Japan 127 million)

Even though the US has 2.5 times the population of Japan, there numbers of eyelid surgeries were roughly the same in both countries (ca. 137,000).

While one in every 2400 Americans had an eyelid surgery, in Japan one in every 900 people had that surgery.

Gynecomastia – popular among Brazilian, South Korean and French Men

About 1 in every 4000 Brazilian men had a gynecomastia (fat under their breasts removed). The same number applies to French men. While in South Korea 1 in every 3400 men had the same surgery, making South Korean men the most interested ones in having a male breast correction.

An interesting comparison are the numbers in Japan, while in South Korea this seems to be a very popular procedure among men, in Japan only 1 in every 48 thousand men will opt for having a gynecomastia to correct his man boobs.


Source: 1
ISAPS International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic



Which Countries have the busiest Plastic Surgeons?

Liposuction – A Colombian plastic surgeon performs 53 liposuctions a year, a German doctor performs 47.2, while an American doctor does 38.6. A Japanese doctor does only 10 liposuction procedures a year.

Tummy tuck (aka Abdominoplasty) – In the States a doctor performs 20.5 tummy tucks a year on average, while a Colombian colleague performs 5 more (25.6) on average per year.

A US plastic surgeon performs more Breast procedures than doctors in other countries (almost a 100 procedures a year), while in France a doctor performs 97.3 breast related surgeries a year. In Japan a doctor performs only 21 breast surgeries on average per year, while plastic surgery colleagues in South Korea perform 28.5.

Butt Augmentation: On average a Colombian doctor performs 22 buttocks augmentations a year, a Mexican doctor does 16 a year, while a doctor in the USA does only 3 of these procedures a year.

Colombian Doctors perform on average far more “Body and Extremities” related procedures (like Tummy tucks, Brazilian Butt lifts and Liposuctions) than any other doctors – 105 procedures a year. Doctors in Mexico come in second (#2), a Mexican plastic surgeon performs 85 of these procedures a year on average, while a US doctor on average performs 66 a year. It can be seen like this : A Colombian doctor performs 40% more liposuctions than a US surgeon.

So what doctors perform more surgeries a year?

Colombian plastic surgeons have more work to do: a Colombian doctor performs 265 surgical procedures a year, a German doctor lies not far behind with 260 procedures a year, Mexican – French and Brazilian doctors perform 245 a year, USA doctors 235 procedures a year, South Korean surgeons 214 and while the Japanese colleagues only 147.

So, what is the Top procedure that a doctor has to perform?

Japanese doctors do 63 Eyelid surgeries a year. Compared to the 147 procedures they do a year, Eyelid correction count for 43% of the plastic procedures a Japanese doctor does. In Japan 326 K cosmetic procedures were performed in 2014, of which 139 K were Eyelid surgeries (42%).

Source: 1

ISAPS International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic



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