Fat Transfer in Denver – Due to age, lifestyle and genetic factors, fat tends to accumulate in the most inconvenient of places. Extra padding imbalances your form and interferes with your everyday activity and influences your choice of clothing. With the additional fat, you are not in a position to freely take part in some fun activities, unwillingly avoiding situations that may require you to expose your body. Examples of these activities involve trips to the beautiful Colorado mountains.

The conventional approaches for many individuals involve comprehensive dieting and a rigorous workout routine. For many, there are marked improvements in the fitness levels as well as the form of one’s body contouring. However, stubborn pockets of fat tend to persist in areas we desire a toned and defined shape. Even with strict adherence to traditional methods of weight loss, the perfect body repeatedly proves elusive. Where an active lifestyle and a healthy diet have failed, fat transfer is the ultimate solution.

1.1 What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer involves careful extraction, treatment, and injection of the resulting compound in alternative body parts needing enhancement. The relocation of fat in the body gives a trim look to the padded regions and enhances the look of slimmer areas in need of some extra mass.

Initial procedures failed to produce lasting results due to diminished survival of the transferred fat cells. This hurdle meant that the effects of the process didn’t last as long as the patient desired. There was a 40 to 50 percent survival rate of the transferred cells. This percentage meant that the result was not as pronounced as the patient wanted, and also may not have lasted long enough.

1.2 What You Should Expect From the Modern Procedure

Technological advances in medicine mean that the approach has slightly changed, but with a significant effect. Older procedures involved crushing the fat before transfer, and this considerably reduced the chances of survival for the transferred cells. Modern technology consists of the migration of dislodged fat in a relatively undisturbed state. A second adjustment in the procedure involves treatment of the fat before its subsequent reintroduction into a different body part. These changes brought about significant improvement, with studies showing that with the new approach, an impressive 80 percent of the transferred fat survives past six months.

To kick off the procedure, the doctor identifies areas from where to transfer the fat. Before extraction, the doctor carefully maps the places that will have the tiny incisions. The doctor then performs a liposuction and extracts a reasonable amount of fat through a minuscule opening. Preparation of the cell samples before injection ensures that the reintroduced fat is healthy and has the right components for survival.

1.3 What are The Treatable Areas?

This minimally invasive surgery produces immediate results, with a visible change in shape manifesting right after the operation comes to an end. Compared to other cosmetic procedures, fat transfers have one of the fastest recovery times. This procedure is particularly famous for Brazilian butt lift. The removal of fat from the abdomen and thighs and subsequent reintroduction to the posterior ensures a degree of balance; with a toned stomach matching an enhanced gluteus. When performed on the buttocks, the procedure goes by the name ‘Brazilian Butt Lift.’

1.4 Why get a Fat Transfer Procedure?

These are the main benefits of undergoing a fat transfer procedure:

  • Fat transfers bring about some much-needed proportionality to your body, significantly adjusting your look. Accumulation of fat causes unwanted bulges in specific regions, and it is in this region that our experienced physicians harvest the raw material for the safe enhancement of areas that truly need it. For instance, our doctor may collect a reasonable amount of fat in your lower abdomen and relocate it with precision to your gluteus, bringing out the natural contours and giving you a stunning look.
  • Your self-esteem significantly increases when you look better. Many individuals suffer from anxiety rooted in the way they look. With your sculpted and defined figure, you enjoy renewed freedom and go about your everyday duties with renewed energy. The newfound drive is a crucial ingredient to better performance in everything you do as well as genuine peace of mind regarding your looks.
  • The defined contours you get after a fat transfer increase your wardrobe options. Fat accumulation in the abdomen and thighs for instance directly prevents you from wearing outfits of some designs and sizes as the extra padding tends to peek through the fabric, bringing about an undesirable sight. With defined contours, you dress up with confidence and enjoy unlimited freedom with your improved look.
  • Fat transfers bring a better look with incredibly quick recovery time. Many busy individuals shy off cosmetic procedures due to the projected recovery times. This minor surgery, however, allows the resumption of lighter duties immediately after leaving the clinic, and you can efficiently perform heavier tasks soon after. Your schedule is therefore secure and goes on uninterrupted. For best results, however, you should adhere to the doctor’s directives regarding the dos and don’ts over the recovery period. These instructions ensure proper recovery without the risk of complications.

Fat transfers involve the migration of existing body fat. You have to maintain an active lifestyle; making healthy food choices and having regular exercise. This right shift prevents the recurrence of more fat in the treated areas.

1.5 Book a Consultation

Our doctors are among the best in Denver and the United States. During the consultation before your procedure, ask as many questions as possible and get all vital insights regarding the process. With immediate answers, we readily assure you of the safety of all operations at our clinic. Differences in anatomy and varying complexities of procedures mean that costs vary as we aim to provide tailor-made solutions for each unique case. The same variations also imply that recovery periods are different for each as well. We put you first, paying keen attention to your personal preferences and augmenting it with professional input for the perfect outcome.

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