SmartLipo Techniques – We continuously work for the perfect body. In a world full of fun activity and increased interaction, our physical image is increasingly important. To achieve that toned, naturally-contoured look, we spend countless hours on the various gyms across Denver, paying keen attention to what we eat for best results. However, the form we so desire fails to materialize. Quite often, we do see some change, but some extra padding persists in some very inconvenient spots. As a result, we try to keep these regions covered when we go out, carefully pick our outfits, or entirely avoid certain types of clothing.

Anxiety is a real concern, especially if your body does not look as you would like. You remain continuously self-conscious about your looks, and in turn, resort to avoiding certain activities altogether. With some stunning mountains in Denver, you prefer to unwillingly avoid going to places where you have to leave your skin bare. This restrictive scenario has you missing out on a lot of fun, with the extra fat time and again proving an unwanted inconvenience.


1.1 Why You Need Liposuction

Exercise and a healthy diet are the most popular options, but even with consistency, you don’t get the desired results with some areas remaining unresponsive to conventional methods. It is in such times that liposuction proves the ultimate solution. Not only does liposuction produce incredible results in a short time, but the procedure is also the go-to measure where exercise and healthy eating fails. In the ultra-modern cosmetic field, SmartLipo is one of the best avenues of shedding that extra fat, bringing out the toned physique you desire. You no longer need to feel the discouragement stemming from persistent fat even with a good diet and regular workouts at your gym.

1.2 How Does SmartLipo Remove Fat?

The first step of this non-invasive procedure is the administration of local anesthetic in carefully marked locations in the area set for treatment. This step ensures numbness in the region, keeping you comfortable throughout the procedure. A micro-cannula then goes under the skin via the tiny openings. The laser fiber in the cannula facilitates the melting of fat under the surface via a high energy injection.

Heat from the laser breaks down fat, liquefying it for easy suctioning. This technology stimulates the production of new collagen, leading to a tighter, even skin. With firmer skin, there is a considerably lesser chance of dimpling, bringing out those fantastic contours.

1.3 Treatable Body Parts

The adaptability of this procedure makes it a suitable treatment for all body parts. Some problem areas that the process proves particularly useful are the chin, upper arms, abdomen, flanks, breasts, male chest, ankles, thighs, buttocks, and knees. With such an impressive range in applicability, this type of liposuction is one of the best possible options as you seek to achieve that perfect figure, free of the unwanted extra fat. The best part is, you need only a few days of rest before the resumption of lighter duties. Typically, after a couple of weeks, you are in a position to take part in more physically-exerting tasks.

It is crucial to understand that even with the effectiveness of this brilliant technology, you still need to maintain a healthy diet and work out regularly. Liposuction gets rid of extra fat but doesn’t make you immune to future weight gain. It is therefore critical that you maintain sound food choices and remain active to keep the sculpted look you get after the procedure. Of particular importance is the need to follow your doctor’s instructions during recovery closely. Patience is vital as your body heals and the contours set in.

1.4 Why Go For SmartLipo?

There are many reasons as to why you should visit our Denver clinic for this procedure. These are the main advantages of having SmartLipo:

  • This procedure produces incredible results in a short time. SmartLipo is FDA approved and is very safe. With liposuction, you effectively get rid of unwanted fat pockets instantly, and you get that toned look you desire almost immediately. After a few days of rest, you can confidently flaunt your body and enjoy the confidence that comes with a great shape.
  • SmartLipo frees you to enjoy life truly. Be it a visit to the beach or taking part in a pool party, life indeed opens up. The anxiety about personal image disappears, and you no longer feel self-conscious to the extent of missing out on the fun things that life has to offer.
  • Having a toned body gives you the drive to embrace a regular exercise regime, augmenting it with a healthy diet. The healthy lifestyle ensures benefits your whole body, keeping you fit and energized. Remember that the procedure only removes extra fat, but doesn’t prevent you from gaining weight again.
  • Looking good brings about increased self-confidence. Feeling better about yourself improves your productivity, especially at work. You can now go about your meetings and presentations in complete confidence, wearing an outfit that fits well. There is a short recovery period, meaning that your work timetable remains intact, and you are in a position to resume heavier tasks in just two weeks.

1.5 Book an Appointment with Us

Before any procedure, book a consultation with our Denver clinic, and have our trained consultants fill you in on critical information regarding the suitability of the process for your unique case. During the discussion, you will get crucial details such as a price forecast, professional recommendations regarding what will bring the best results, as well as the scope of items covered in the initial financial quotation. SmartLipo gives you a defined form, making the features previously hidden by extra fat stand out.

Our doctors are the best in Denver, giving you your dream body in a warm, friendly setup. Book a consultation with us today and achieve anatomic perfection.