Cellulite Reduction in Denver – In your youthful years, the body produces enough collagen to maintain that smooth, contoured skin. Over time, however, the level of this vital compound goes down. The chief reason for this is the fact that with age, estrogen levels in women go down, reducing the amount of circulation and oxygen supply in critical areas of your anatomy.

The Causes of Cellulite

As you approach menopause, this reduced blood flow and subsequent diminished levels of collagen bring out the fat deposits under the surface, giving your skin a lumpy appearance. The increase in the size of fat cells corresponds to a decrease in estrogen levels. Hormonal imbalances and genetic predisposition mean that women remain more susceptible to cellulite. Between 80 and 90 percent of women experience the condition at some point in their lives.

Your age also results in a less-elastic skin; one that is thinner, and less taut. This effect of time leaves the fat deposits more visible and distorts your contours as well. Different individuals experience different results due to different genetic constructs. We also have different speeds of metabolism, which affects the chances of having cellulite. Your diet also has a bearing on how likely you are to have that extra fat under your skin.

Why You Need a Procedure for Cellulite Reduction

At a certain age, diet and exercise cease to be viable options when it comes to fitness and body sculpting. The body makes specific demands that you have to fulfill. When it comes to workouts, there are a couple of challenges. With age, your energy levels decrease, and having your body sore at this point is a different issue by itself. It pays to realize that even with regular exercise, the body degenerates due to age, leaving it unresponsive to your hard work in the gym.

What to Expect From a Cellulite Removal Procedure

Modern technology facilitates the effective removal of any bumps, lumps, or unwanted cellulite dimples. Our ultra-modern approach is one of the most effective toning techniques. Also, unlike exercise and diet, the results manifest in an incredibly short time. Courtesy of this straightforward procedure, you can now spot that smooth, flawless skin with confidence. A soft, flawless skin lets you dress in those stunning outfits as you enjoy the freedom of a toned physique. The removal of lumps or any unwanted bumps frees you to have fun indeed, taking part in any fun activity and enjoying the freedom that comes with your dream body.

The removal of cellulite takes place using mechanically manipulated dynamic laser and light for the shifting of fat through your lymphatic system. The reduced fat levels leave a smooth skin, free of any indentations caused by the extra padding. With less congestion under your skin, your skin breathes easy, and you no longer feel self-conscious about your looks.

How Long Does it Take to Heal?

This straightforward procedure has similar downtime as liposuction. You can perform light duties at one week, and more exerting tasks in about 3 weeks. The use of local anesthesia and only one or two minuscule incisions means that you heal fast, leaving no visible marks in most cases.

What are the Treatable Areas?

This revolutionary treatment is flexible regarding application and may be used to treat cellulite in the areas it commonly occurs. The main problem areas include:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

The Benefits of Cellulite Reduction

Time and age make your skin feel the wear and tear, leaving you with some orange peel-looking skin. Laser technology evens your skin and restores the youthful look, and these are some of the resulting benefits:

  • The skin manifests the core signs of aging. With a smoother skin free of sagging or lumps, liposuction works with our ultra-modern laser technology to give you a combination of toned contours and a softer complexion. With this new youthful look, you successfully roll back the years and enjoy the youthful glow that comes about.
  • Aging changes our bodies in numerous ways. Anxiety sets in when the signs come to the surface, and then, we don’t only feel old, but also look old. A woman prides in her looks and will go to great lengths to maintain it. Our cosmetic solutions bring back your youthful contours and skin. You are now able to enjoy life properly.
  • Cellulite remains a challenge for many, and the stubborn lumps keep peeking through the soft fabric of any form-hugging outfit you wear. This situation significantly limits your options when it comes to wardrobe choices. You have to avoid certain outfits that you want to wear unwillingly. A smooth, toned skin sets you free to enjoy life’s best moments.

It pays to remember that cellulite is extra fat under the skin, and an unhealthy diet, for instance, may cause a recurrence of the condition. It is crucial for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the procedure. Our doctors give vital insights into how to achieve the best body and keep it. Our Denver clinic is the place to go for that all-important consultation. During your discussion, our physicians pay keen attention to your questions, ideas, and preferences with a view of recommending what brings the best results.

Before the procedure, you have the unique opportunity to get as much information about it as possible during your sit-down with our consultants. It is at this discussion that you get a price estimate, guidelines to observe during recovery, and how to get the most out of the procedure. A valuable professional input to augment your ideas and preferences comes at this point.

Book an appointment today for Cellulite Reduction and visit our Denver clinic. Partner with us in your quest for that flawless, youthful look. Our doctors are the best in the region, and the United States. You are indeed in good hands.