Waist & Hip Liposuction

Waist & Hip Liposuction in Denver

Waist & Hip Liposuction in Denver – The waist is one of the areas of a woman’s body that gets a lot of attention, particularly when it comes to the overall look as well as when dressing up. Any additional fat in the waist is generally unwelcome and brings about some real discomfort regarding self-image. Love handles are almost impossible to fight off sometimes, even with a healthy workout routine. Other times, your schedule is too crowded for a good exercise routine. A healthy diet and exercise will at times not suffice.

The female hormonal system causes an accumulation of fat around the waist and hips, as opposed to a male setup that drives this fat to the belly. Naturally, the female body contains considerably more fat than a male’s. During puberty, the rate of fat production in a lady’s body fat almost doubles that of a man. This accumulated fat resides in the pelvic region and tends to stick around even with maturity and age. It pays to remember that body fat is a critical component of the system, but there is no need to keep the additional amounts.

1.1 A Necessary Procedure

Exercise or regular physical workouts form the primary avenue of maintaining a fit and healthy profile. However, even with the hours of rigorous training, the waist and hips may seem to keep size and shape. Genetic traits mean that women have a predisposition to gain extra fat around the waist or hips. Individual genetic characteristics also play a huge role in the size and shape of one’s waistline. Diet and lifestyle remain a very crucial determinant in the way your mid-region looks. However, there is no need to worry as liposuction offers a way out of this quagmire.

An hourglass shape is quite rightly the stamp of femininity. With liposuction, all the unwanted fat around the waist and hips is carefully removed to bring out that sexy shape that genuinely makes you stand out. Modern medical technology has morphed to the level of delivering you that dream waist with no complications down the line. All you need is some little money, and a competent doctor, such as our personnel here at the Denver Liposuction Specialty Clinic. Qualified medical professionals ensure that you have all necessary information regarding the most suitable process for you, as well as crucial information regarding billing and recovery time.

1.2 What to Expect from the Surgical Process

The process kicks off with the administration of local anesthetic for numbness in the area set for the minor operation. This step ensures that you remain awake and completely comfortable throughout this minimally invasive process. Our doctors have a proper understanding of the female anatomy and proceed to introduce a micro-cannula to your epidermis through carefully mapped incisions on the skin. Heating then follows to melt the fat for easy removal with no discomfort to the client. The doctor then removes the necessary amount of fat through the cannula. The process adheres to your unique physical form for the perfect result.

1.3 Post-Op Care and Recovery

Following liposuction, you have to wear a compression garment for two weeks following the procedure. During this period, this protective brace stays on at all times. It is possible to resume work and perform low impact duties after 48 hours of rest and initial recovery. Remember, these timelines are likely to vary from one individual to the other depending on the unique response to surgery in each case. Another determinant is whether there have been paired procedures in other parts of the body. After a couple of weeks, recovery is likely to be complete, allowing you to resume full duties, whether light or heavy.

1.4 The Advantages of Waist & Hip Liposuction

There are some notable upsides to having a well-contoured waist or hips. These are the primary advantages:

  1. The waist size and hips determine the size of the clothes we wear. Unnatural accumulation of fat in this region may have you wearing disproportional outfits, leaving out the clothes you want to wear. It becomes easier to find a good fit in the store when your waist and hips are proportional.
  2. Fat accumulation around the waist brings about considerable discomfort when it comes to day to day activity, with ill-fitting clothes seem to add to the challenge. Having to unbutton your pants to comfortably sit down is a downer. A shapely waist brings freedom and comfort.
  • After liposuction, you have added encouragement to work out more and go the extra mile to maintain that healthy look. This motivation sees you adopt healthier eating habits as well, and consistently keeping a keen eye on your weight.
  1. The recovery time from the procedure is incredibly quick. You can resume light duties in two days and in a position to do all manner of heavy stuff in just a couple of weeks. Even for the incredibly busy individual, this procedure is unlikely to interfere with your routine by unnecessarily holding you back for too long.

As always, consultation is necessary to establish the exact process that would perfectly suit you. Remember that we all have unique bodies and the size and nature of our frames along with factors such as individual needs determine what suits us best.

1.5 Begin Your Journey to that Enhanced Look by Waist & Hip Liposuction

In consulting, you are in a unique position to make a genuinely informed choice regarding the procedure to come. It is also during the consultation that you get critical information regarding the doctor’s recommendation for your case, the costs involved, as well as the potential recovery period. At this point, you also get to understand the items covered by the initial quotation. At the end of the procedure, if you so wish, get a prescription for pain medication. This prescription may be filled at a pharmacy of your choice.