Thigh & Knee Liposuction

Thigh & Knee Liposuction in Denver

Thigh & Knee Liposuction in Denver – Thighs and knees are a crucial part of a woman’s image, and a regular place of concern too. One of the latest trends is the ‘thigh gap,’ and it is a testament of beauty and appeal for many. However, extra fat in the thighs and knees make even basic tasks like movement in the course of daily undertakings a challenge. Often, this fat will have your thighs rubbing together as you walk, and you will hear the characteristic annoying sound of your jeans rubbing as you get around. This friction is a source of considerable discomfort for many, and it is irritating. Discomfort compounds when your knees rub together as well.

Eating well will have a significant effect on your upper body, and your thighs will get some workout if you lead an active lifestyle. However, often, this is not enough to properly tone the region. The fat deposits tend to persist. It can be frustrating to work so hard for minimal results. The good news is, liposuction shows immediate results where exercise and a healthy diet may have failed. Genetic predisposition sees the female body store more fat compared to men, especially in the upper thighs. Some individuals will have a more significant amount of fat in this region than others.

1.1 What the Liposuction Process Entails

This minor surgery requires local anesthesia as regards sedation. This initial step brings about numbness and ensures that you remain comfortable throughout the process. At carefully mapped places, the surgeon makes tiny incisions. It is through these minuscule incisions that all fat deposits are accessible.

The incisions are at some strategically placed locations, making them not only small but in very well hidden places.

  • Incisions on the inner thighs will be tiny openings near the groins, and in other occasions in the creases of the gluteus (buttocks).
  • On the outer thigh, these minuscule entries are usually adjacent to the hip or on the sides of the thigh.
  • For knee liposuctions, there are incisions either on the inside or outside of the knee.

Modern medical technology adopts the process of inserting a micro-cannula via the openings. What follows is the liquefaction of localized fat before suctioning. Laser technology facilitates the procedure, stimulating collagen production for tighter skin in the process. Individual cases will require unique approaches as the surgeon works on the perfectly balanced contours for you. The doctor may recommend a procedure for your knees, either part of your thighs, or whichever combination best suits your unique needs.

1.2 Are You an Ideal Candidate?

If you have localized fat deposits, then you are the ideal candidate for this procedure. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman. These deposits might be in the inner or outer thighs or knees, including any combination that may have proved unresponsive to exercise. This procedure needs individuals who are close to their healthy weight, healthy, and whose skin has good elasticity. For best results, the client’s health must meet the minimum requirements. In the event of any slight variations, the surgeon shall advise accordingly about the available options.

1.3 Recovery

Once the process is complete, the doctor gives you a compression garment. The protective dressing should remain on, day and night, for the two weeks following the procedure. This covering prevents swelling and shapes your body to the new contours as you recover for the minimally invasive procedure. Recovery from the process is quick, and you are back on your feet immediately after surgery. Results of the process manifest in a few weeks, with a perfect form setting in. Walking aids recovery as it facilitates better blood circulation, so try and stay on your feet whenever possible. Improvement is constant during the month that follows, giving you those slim, contoured legs.

1.4 Why go for Thigh & Knee Liposuction?

There are many benefits of going for this procedure, and these are the main ones:

  1. You get around better when your thighs don’t rub as you walk. The fat on your knees no longer sees them touch as you get around either. Your busy schedule gets much more comfortable and more manageable with the new lease of life and freedom you now enjoy.
  2. Your clothes fit better with the snugness around the thighs gone. Extra fat makes your body disproportionate, and you no longer have to stick to belts after buying larger clothes to accommodate your upper legs and knees. Shopping gets more comfortable too, as you no longer have to skip that stunning outfit just because it won’t fit right.
  • When you look good, you feel better. The newfound confidence and drive subsequently leads to a more productive daily routine. You eventually get around better and remain confident in your outfits. Anxiety about your looks no longer remains a concern.
  1. The moment you look better, you have the extra motivation to exercise regularly and eat better to maintain the look. Added workouts and a healthier diet subsequently improve your overall health as well.

This straightforward cosmetic procedure transforms you and brings about a world of peace and unlimited possibilities.

1.5 Book a Consultation with Us

Before any cosmetic procedure, it is imperative that you go for a consultation. It is at this stage that the doctor fills you in on some critical information regarding the best approach for your unique case. You also get crucial information such as the potential recovery period, dos and don’ts for that period, billing details, as well as available payment plans. Our doctors are some of the best in the world, ensuring that you get the very best of care during the procedure and in recovery. Understand that all cases are unique, and what worked for your colleague may not be the exact approach employed for you.

All factors taken into consideration, this procedure is worth every dollar. Liposuction can transform your life in ways you never imagined. Visit our Liposuction clinic in Denver today for a Thigh & Knee Liposuction consultation.