Love Handle Liposuction

Love Handle Liposuction in Denver

Body fat tends to accumulate in the most inconvenient of places, and one of these spots is on the sides of your lower back. Love handle, also called male flanks in men, can distort your look and have you feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy in equal measure. The moment the muffin-top look sets in, it can be one of the toughest things to get rid of. A healthy diet and exercise remedy many parts of the body, but at times don’t suffice when dealing with this bit of your anatomy. The extra fat makes fitting slim-fit outfits a tricky proposition, forcing you to ignore them in clothing stores unwillingly.

Love handle show up right between your ribs and hips. The flanks dictate the clothes you wear to a significant extent, and may even mess up the look of a genuinely beautiful outfit. For ladies, in particular, hormonal changes result in fat accumulation, along with other factors such as pregnancy and aging. Blood sugar and stress easily trigger hormonal imbalances, leading to weight gain. Alcohol consumption is a proven cause of extra fat below the ribs. On quite some occasions, inactivity gives fat a chance to creep in and ruin your form. The good news is that all this remains rectifiable via liposuction.

1.1 Why You Need Liposuction

Liposuction helps you get rid of fat in areas where a good diet and rigorous workouts have failed. One of these critical areas happens to be where the love handle show up. Exercising can bring about significant weight loss, but some areas prove stubborn, and the fat stays put. Love handle paint a picture of an unfit individual, making you appear much chubbier than you are. For ladies, fat in the wrong places can have you feeling uncomfortable in outfits that leave your lower back bare, and you will tend to miss out on the best clothes and fun activities.

In all individuals, the chief cause of fat accumulation is the consumption of more calories than you burn through daily activity or routine exercise. For men, a dip in testosterone, a case of insulin resistance or a generally unhealthy lifestyle sees extra fat on your flanks. It is crucial that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising regularly even after undergoing liposuction, or you could be facing extra weight some time down the line. On a daily basis, men tend to take in more calories and should remain on the alert and burn more as well.

1.2 How the Procedure Removes Fat

Your flanks have fantastic skin elasticity, making the area perfect for liposuction. Before the procedure, consult a doctor about the options available for you. Variation in body shapes and frames, as well as genetic differences,  necessitate unique approaches for each. During the consultation, the doctor will assess your situation and recommend the procedure likely to bring the best results. At this point, ask all vital questions about the dos and don’ts of the process during and after the operation, billing and payment options available, and what the initial price quotation covers.

Most patients need only one procedure for the required results, while a few may need multiple. Local anesthesia brings about some numbness in the area, and you remain awake for the session. Minuscule incisions facilitate access to the fat beneath the surface. At this stage, heat comes in handy to liquefy the extra fat for suctioning. During the process, you remain comfortable, with the procedure bringing out that toned look and perfect contours. The process facilitates collagen production for tighter skin. The session lasts about an hour per area under treatment.

1.3 Recovery

You will have to wear an abdominal binder for two weeks following the procedure. Keeping the area covered ensures that it heals with zero interference and is free from contamination. It is necessary to rest for 48 hours after surgery during which light duties do not harm, with normal intense activities resuming after two weeks. During the recovery period, you should avoid high impact tasks such as manual labor or rigorous workouts. Soreness, if any, is very mild and can be equated to that feeling after a workout. This level of pain does not interfere with your daily activity.

1.4 Why go for Liposuction?

There are many benefits from the procedure, with some of them being:

  1. Your clothes fit better with more defined contours. You no longer have to avoid the clothes you wore when you were slimmer. This freedom makes shopping easier too, and you won’t miss out on the stunning outfits you don’t buy out of the fear that they won’t properly fit.
  2. When you look better, you feel better. Confidence and self-esteem tend to rise when you are comfortable about your looks. You’ll have no anxiety or fear that causes you to miss life’s best moments, especially at the pool or at the beach.
  • With a toned profile, you find that extra drive to work out regularly and adopt a healthy diet. This shift to a healthier lifestyle improves your overall health in return.

Liposuction truly brings about a profound transformation.

1.5 Book a Consultation

It is essential to consult a doctor before committing to cosmetic procedures. It is during these sessions with the doctor that you get valuable insights such as potential recovery period, charges involved and payment plans available, the scope of financial cover in the initial quotation, as well as critical dos and don’ts during recovery. During consultancy, the doctor is in a unique position to advise on the best approaches to your procedure, as well as an accurate assessment of potential costs.

Our doctors are among the very best in the world, so talk to us and begin your bring your dream of a perfect body to life.