Calf & Ankle Liposuction

Calf & Ankle Liposuction in Denver

Calf & Ankle Liposuction – Regular exercise has a lot of benefits, with the main one being weight loss and a healthier cardiovascular system. However, the results of weekly training may leave some fat deposits in specific areas such as the lower leg. Extra fat in this region will have you looking chubby with a lack of definition of contours between the knees and ankles. The contouring should bring out the Achilles tendon, with no layer of fat obscuring the outlines in the lower part of your leg.

No matter how rigorous your workouts are, some parts of the body tend to retain that extra flab and sully your look. Cankles can come with weight gain or come about as a hereditary trait. Regardless of gender, this imbalance in anatomy is likely to leave you feeling self-conscious about your image, eventually causing you to refrain from certain activities and foregoing some outfits.

1.1 When to Have a Procedure

Women will commonly go for that slimmer look on the legs, considering that quite some outfits leave the lower leg exposed. Men prefer a masculine profile, desiring a definition of contours in this part of their anatomy. Calf raises and cycling have produced some results, but in quite a number of cases, the outcome remains significantly short of expectations. Cheer up; there is a solution that more or less guarantees success in your search for better form and symmetry.

Liposuction takes out that layer of fat under the surface that hides all muscle or definition in the region. Cankles are a drag, and they make you look much chubbier than you are. The timeline for the results of exercise versus liposuction makes the latter a superb option. Remember that genetic variations make each unique, and as such, each process may vary from individual to individual. Remember to consult a doctor to establish what best works for you.

1.2 How the Surgery Removes Fat

The first step of the process involves the surgeon carefully mapping out the areas of your ankles and or calves scheduled for reduction. This approach ensures an error-free procedure and proper definition of the scope of all activity in the session. Local anesthesia is then administered in the region to invoke numbness, which keeps the patient comfortable throughout. A micro-cannula then goes under the skin via inconspicuous incisions in the ankles or calves. Laser technology then melts the layer of fat under the surface for convenient suctioning. This step involves the controlled reduction of the amount of fat, making sure that the desired level of tapering is achieved.

1.3 Post-op Care and Recovery

The surgeon proceeds to dress the area in a compression garment for cover. This protective brace molds your legs to the new contours and keeps the area free of dirt or any interference in the course of the recovery process. For the two weeks following the procedure, the compression garment has to remain on, unless otherwise directed by your physician.

Varying genetic traits mean that different individuals have different recovery times, so continuously communicate with your doctor and remain keen on scheduled follow-ups. Regular daily activity may resume the day after the operation, but exerting tasks and rigorous exercise should not be part of your schedule during the first week of recovery. Walking after the procedure greatly aids recovery as it helps blood circulate better in your limbs. Prescription meds can assist you to keep any soreness felt during recovery. Pain, if any, is similar to that felt after a workout session.

1.4 Are You an Ideal Candidate?

Remember that not all individuals with cankles are suitable candidates for the procedure. The assessment for suitability for an operation remains part of the consultancy done before the actual surgery. The doctor has to be satisfied that the process has a good chance of bringing the desired results. The lower leg is superficial and has no intricate underlying muscle, so the initial assessment during the consultation is spot on, and it’s a preamble to a very straightforward procedure.

With toned calves and ankles, you no longer have the anxiety of dressing up in clothes that expose your lower legs. Short dresses or shorts become your best friend as you remain eager to showcase your beautiful anatomy. Without a layer of fat obscuring the lower leg, the effect of your workouts is visible.

1.5 Begin Your Journey to your Dream Body, Talk to Us

At the initial consultation, get as much information as you can and get to understand the procedure and all in entails truly. Get to know how much it may cost you, the potential recovery process, as well as critical information about the available payment plans. Our doctors are among the very best in the world working in this discipline, so you are genuinely safe.

All factors considered, this procedure is worth every penny and produces such excellent results in a relatively short time. Visit our Denver Lipo clinic today for a consultation and be on your way to perfectly contoured legs.