FUPA Liposuction

FUPA Liposuction

The term came about as an internet acronym to define the fat that accumulates in the upper part of the pubic region. Fat does accumulate in the area between your genitalia and the waistline, and this makes it incredibly difficult to spot a form-hugging outfit that show out your form. FUPA stands for Fat Upper Pubic Area. Workouts and a healthy diet tend to have a consistently good effect on the body, but getting rid of fat in certain areas remains a tough proposition. No matter how consistent or intense your exercise regimen is, the extra fat persists.

Liposuction is the perfect option for such a situation. Extra fat deposits in inconvenient parts of your body directly influence the type of clothes you wear, limiting your self-confidence in the process. On those shopping trips, you are forced to buy larger clothes so that the extra pouches don’t ruin your look. On a trip to the beach or pool, you keep your body under wraps so as people don’t see your chubby parts. That self-conscious lifestyle has you missing on some of the best moments that life has to offer, and you have to go through it all with a considerably limited wardrobe.

1.1 Causes of Extra Fat in the FUPA

Some factors lead to accumulation of fat in your upper pelvic area. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. Stress

Stress is one of the leading reasons for non-congenital fat buildup. Your midsection remains susceptible to some extra padding if and when there is a release of stress hormones into the blood. Your body then responds to this hormonal change by the creation of fat in the adipose cell closest to the vital organs.

  1. Genetics

It is common that certain individuals live with the predisposition of fat accumulation in some areas of the body. Unfortunately, some of these cells reside in the upper pubic area, eventually leading to undesirable FUPA.

  • Pregnancy

This natural process causes an increase in weight and a higher number of fat cells in the lower abdomen. Weight gain remains a necessary part of pregnancy, and this eventually leads to extra fat in the gut as a whole.

  1. Poor Dieting

Poor eating habits are directly responsible for additional weight across the body. Just as all other parts of your body, the upper pubic area does pack on some extra fat when the choice of meals, drink, and snacks goes unchecked.

  1. Sudden Weight Fluctuations

Another potential cause of FUPA is a sudden change in weight. These sudden fluctuations lead to an unevenly contoured form, meaning that pockets of fat remain at some parts of the body. Sudden changes in body weight don’t give you the chance to monitor your fitness, and issues such as FUPA remain a possibility.

1.2 The Liposuction Process and Recovery

Liposuction is a straightforward procedure. The first step is the administration of local anesthesia. This initial step causes numbness and ensures that you remain comfortable throughout the process. The doctor then makes minuscule incisions on carefully marked areas. These incisions are so tiny and typically disappear after recovery. A micro-cannula then goes in the openings to suction out the extra fat, liquefied using laser technology. The doctor then provides a compression garment that keeps the area under wrap over the recovery period. This cover remains on for two weeks after the procedure unless advised otherwise by your physician.

The recovery period for this minimally invasive procedure remains incredibly short. It is good to rest for about 48 hours following the process, and regular duties may resume after that. By the end of the two weeks, you are in a position to do all your daily work with ease, however, exerting. This short recovery period means that there is no delay with your work schedule, and even busy individuals remain good candidates for the procedure.

1.3 Why go for Liposuction?

Here are the main reasons why liposuction is a fantastic option for you:

  1. The results are swift, with the procedure lasting one or two hours, and recovery requiring only a couple of weeks. It takes much longer to get similar results through exercise or dieting.
  2. When you look good, you never miss a fun moment. Extra fat leaves you feeling self-conscious about your looks, and inevitably you opt out of some exciting activities and events.
  3. A good look boosts your self-confidence. Once your body bears that defined contouring, you find the spring in your step, and your productivity subsequently increases.
  4. There is an inevitable variety in your wardrobe once your body boasts of those subtle, toned, contours. You no longer have to skip outfits in the clothing store out of the fear that they may not properly fit.

1.4 Begin Your Journey to Perfection

Remember to consult a qualified and competent doctor before committing to any cosmetic procedure. Genetic variations mean that what works for one person may not necessarily work for the other due to different frames and unique scenarios. These variations, in turn, imply that costs and recovery periods vary as well.

The uniqueness of body types helps the doctor consider what works best for your specific situation and advises accordingly. Any bit of crucial information at this critical stage remains priceless. Ask about the charges, recovery period, items covered in the initial quotation, as well as any other essential bits of information the doctor considers vital.

Our doctors are some of the best in the world, so you are in very safe hands. Feel free to visit and book a consultation to ascertain your eligibility for the procedure.